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Professional Use

Sociodrama is a powerful dialogue tool, deepening insight for individuals, engaging groups in co-creation and unlocking unconscious solutions for meaningful change.

Working with organisations, sociodrama facilitators and trainers bring strategy off the page so people connect with it and do something different as a result.

We work across sectors, with specialists in corporate / senior leadership, education, health and the third sector. We can help you plan and deliver leadership workshops, engagement campaigns, health and wellbeing programmes and team innovation events.

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Sociodrama is an internationally well-established dialogue and insight model, used by facilitators, coaches, trainers, leaders and managers and other professionals supporting people.

Our ground-breaking skills training programme breaks down and models the key components of sociodrama theory and practice, giving participants support to practice the core skills of role development, storytelling, concretisation and sociometry (systems insight).

Trainees draw on intuition, somatic presence, creativity and spontaneity to deepen the way they hold space, listen and help shape emerging solutions.

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What we do is fun. It brings purpose, meaning and a deeper connection with others. Our trainee and practitioner community is the core of what we are, driving all our activities.

All trainees, practitioners or supporters are welcome to join our community. Members meet at monthly action learning sets & community days, and can access our peer buddy scheme and professional supervision service.

We also offer community members shadowing opportunities to deepen their professional development and gain experience and traction in working in new sectors.

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“Congratulations, great day! Your clarity, professionalism and momentum were awesome! Thank you!“

Prof. Rich Field OBE of Field Enterprise Limited, specialising in Leadership Development and Coaching of Boards

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“Your coaching and training programme got us to step out of our comfort zones and do our work to a higher standard than we dreamed possible, within a shorter timescale - and all with smiles on our faces.”

Kathy Court, Student Support Manager, South Leicestershire College

Passion Inc
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Our partners

Capella works in partnership with agency Passion Inc, providing facilitation and creative consultancy to support their corporate employee engagement work.

We are affiliated to SCAN, the UK’s sociodrama and creative action network.

Become a Capella Trainee

If you'd like to know more about our East-Midlands based training programme or are ready to sign up, please get in touch.

We offer three development pathways - everyone experiences personal development, most people learn how to use sociodrama in their existing work, and some choose to become full Capella Practitioners, with an option to practice using the Capella brand.

"I've learned more on this programme in a few weeks than I have in years elsewhere. Transformational. Thank-you."

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