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Vision and Engagement

Engaging people behind a clear, purposeful vision is key to transforming an organisation or team.

Capella's co-creative processes brings strategy off the page, making sure people on the ground understand what it means to them.

We then help you build collaboration, breaking down silo thinking and action and celebrating successes.

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Strategy and Planning

Taking the time to get out of tail-chasing and see the bigger picture is essential if you want your plans to succeed.

Innovative and purposeful thinking becomes much easier with Capella’s ‘action thinking’ techniques.

This new dynamic activates deeper thinking and listening skills so you can purposefully problem solve together.

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Storytelling skills

We are specialists in passing on story-telling skills.

In order to lead you have to show people why they should follow you — and being able to bring a story to life is key to this.

Capella's training helps you report on successes, inspire others to come along on a change journey, share thought leadership or create magical experiences for groups you work with.

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“Congratulations, great day! Your clarity, professionalism and momentum were awesome! Thank you!“

Prof. Rich Field OBE of Field Enterprise Limited, specialising in Leadership Development and Coaching of Boards

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“Your coaching and training programme got us to step out of our comfort zones and do our work to a higher standard than we dreamed possible, within a shorter timescale - and all with smiles on our faces.”

Kathy Court, Student Support Manager, South Leicestershire College

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Passion Inc
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Our partners

Capella works in partnership with agency Passion Inc, providing facilitation and creative consultancy to support their corporate employee engagement work.

We are affiliated to SCAN, the UK’s sociodrama and creative action network.

Our techniques

Capella's Action Thinking uses 'mapping and moving' techniques to help open up possibilities, develop creative new approaches and unlock unconscious solutions. We are specialists in interactive and dynamic group facilitation.

Action Thinking facilitator training programme

Join our supportive and creative monthly training programme to learn how to use Action Thinking in your setting, either with groups you lead or for 1:1 interactions.

Based in the East Midlands, sliding fee scale to ensure inclusive access for all.

"I've learned more on this programme in a few weeks than I have in years elsewhere. Transformational. Thank-you."

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